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Jim Hall, former NTSB Chairman, responds to Kentucky Crash

August 27, 2006

Chattanooga, TN. - James E. Hall, former Chairmen of the National Transporation Safety Board and Vice-Chairman of the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority, expressed his deep felt sorrow for the families of victims related to the Delta Flight 5191 crash in Lexington, Ky. today.

"My heart goes out to the families across the country who will be devastated by this tragic crash," said Hall. "As I experienced during my tenure as Chairman of NTSB, there  are no words that can really console those suffering in a situation like this."

The Delta Commuter flight crashed early this morning near Lexington 's Blue Grass Airport where 46 passengers, three crew members died and a crew member is in critical condition. Emergency teams representing local, regional and national immediately mobilized to the area. "This is not a time to in anyway lay blame for these dire circumstances, Hall further added. " We must let the aviation industry experts and local officials complete a thorough investigation to determine how this crisis occurred." Hall went on to compliment the huge efforts of the initial emergency response team, FAA, NTSB, Delta/COMAIR specifically President Don Bornhorst and all other emergency organizations involved.

He also praised The Delta Volunteer Care Team on the ground in Lexington , KY , Atlanta , GA and Cincinnati , OH  that are helping families navigate through the pertinent information. In addition the NTSB Family Assistance  Team, which Hall, Peter Goelz and under the current leadership of Sharon Bryson spearheaded to more efficiently support the families of crash victims around the world, will also be traveling to the area to provide additional emotional support.

"Again, I would encourage everyone to be patient while the investigation is under way," Hall further stated. "I know the families of the victims are angry but we must have  faith in the NTSB and their expertise. Furthermore, both boxes have been recovered which will ensure the investigators have all the information they need and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone that this tragedy touched."  

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