Jim Hallís experience in transportation safety is unparalleled.  He served as Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board for seven years under President Clinton, where he was responsible for ensuring safety in all forms of transportation.  As a result, Jim Hall is a leading expert on transportation issues of all types Ė including corporate aviation travel as well as the movement of goods via rail, air, sea, and land.  During Mr. Hallís chairmanship, the NTSB issued landmark safety studies relating to commuter air travel, the air tour industry, transit bus operations, passive-grade railway crossings, and a variety of other areas.

            Hall & Associates has a team of professionals well suited to complement Jim Hallís transportation expertise.  Our team includes, Ken Johnson former Executive Director of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.  A former pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Mr. Johnson brings unrivaled experience in transportation safety to our team.  His nearly 35 years of government service include stints as Director of the Department of Transport's Aviation Safety Bureau of Canada, Executive Director of independent Canadian Aviation Safety Board and  in 1990 he was appointed Executive Director of the newly established Transportation Safety Board of Canada. He was the chief operating officer in that organization as it conducted approximately 200 investigations per year and developed its national and international capabilities in aviation, marine, railway and pipeline safety investigation until his retirement from public service in 2001.

            The firmís expertise in transportation safety and security is unparalleled, providing clients in the transportation industry invaluable assistance in safety and security planning, accident investigation, expert testimony, and educational programming.  We pride ourselves on being the most accomplished transportation consulting team in Washington.  We are confident that we can rapidly and effectively assist all of our clients with any transportation issue facing them.  Contact us today to find out how our experienced and knowledgeable transportation team can assist you with your transportation needs.