In additional to his work within the federal government, Jim Hall brings vast experience in state government service to Hall & Associates, LLC.  He has spent a lifetime working in politics in the Southeastern United States, including serving as the Tennessee campaign manager for President Jimmy Carter's 1980 reelection campaign and Governor Bill Clinton's 1992 Presidential campaign.  Prior to this, Mr. Hall served in Tennessee Governor Ned McWherter's cabinet as Executive Assistant to the Governor for Policy and Planning.  While serving in this influential position, Mr. Hall was responsible for economic development in the state, and oversaw the placement of the FedEx world headquarters in Memphis.  Jim Hall's five decades of political work in the Southeastern United States give him a unique insight, and leave him well-suited to handle any goals our clients wish to pursue in that region of the country.

Jim Hall has used his distinguished political career to surround himself with associates who can match his understanding of state politics and have the relationships necessary to ensure clients achieve desired results.  Contact us today for help managing your state governmental relations needs.